The Most Exclusive Offers: VIP Casino Bonuses in Canada


There are two main types of players at online casinos – those who play once or occasionally, and the ones who are playing with big sums and often. The latter are the high rollers and as a reward, casinos give them the best bonus offers.

The majority of players are happy to place the minimum required bet, just enough to meet wagering requirements and claim a deposit bonus. Some might place some more to boost their chance to win. But, high rollers are the bravest ones with the biggest budget, so their bets are huge and their winnings are extravagant.

These are the favorite players of every online casino, which is why they are pampered with exclusive cash promotions, perks, endless bonus codes, and even wager free rewards.

Top Online High Roller Casinos

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Jackpot City
Jackpot City


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Spin Samurai
Spin Samurai


$2000 and 150 Free Spins



Playamo Casino
Playamo Casino


$300 and 150 Free Spins



21.Com Casino
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$1000 Welcome Bonus



Wild Fortune
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Up to $100 and 100 Free Spins



Royal Vegas Casino
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Welcome Deposit Bonus $1200



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    High Roller Casino Bonuses

    Understanding High Roller Casino Bonuses

    High Roller Casino BonusesYou’ll hardly find a gambler that doesn’t love claiming promotions and bonuses. Who wouldn’t love an instant play bonus with reasonable wagering requirements?

    Well, imagine that, but made even better and bigger. High roller promotions are among the best you can find at online casinos in Canada. These are used to retain and attract the gamblers who bet most often and biggest sums. As such, they are usually better than any other rewards at the casino.

    Whether they hand them as a reward for entering a VIP program or climbing a new tier, give a player an incentive on their birthday or an exclusive perk that others don’t enjoy – these are definitely promotions to look for.

    Who are the High Rollers at Online Casinos?

    High Roller Casino BonusesThere are high rollers in land-based and online casinos. Contrary to the ones at brick-and-mortar establishments, online high rollers have smaller bank rolls. Even so, these are the biggest bettors on the site. Due to restrictions that come with online transactions, as well as internet gambling caps, online high rollers can bet a maximum of around $500 per hand. Casinos realize this, so they place their VIP entrance requirements at a lower border.

    Even so, these players will make several big deposits to get to the sum they want to gamble – which is a big one. They might bet a total of $5000 split between different hands and deposits, or even go as far of a total stake of $200,000 in a single online gambling session.

    Every month, these players bet thousands of dollars and claim thousands of VIP points. What they get in return depends on the program and perks at the casino they’ve chosen.

    VIP Managers at a High Roller Casino Canada

    High Roller Casino BonusesVIP managers are one of the perks that high rollers get at casinos. These are employees in the company responsible for selecting, acquiring, and retaining the high-value customers. They do everything from overseeing and offering tailored promotions, to delivering immediate, top-notch customer support. In today’s online gambling industry, you’ll hardly find a casino that doesn’t offer VIP service to high rollers. If you are one of their best and most frequent gamblers, you’ll probably get one person assigned to cater specifically to your needs. This is your VIP manager.

    Types of High Roller Bonuses You Can Claim Today

    Types of High Roller BonusesThere are tons of perks you can get as a VIP player at an online casino. From increased withdrawal sums to personalized VIP support agents, you can enjoy tons of perks depending on where you gamble and your loyalty program status. Here are some of the most popular bonuses you can claim in Canadian casinos:

    • Kickback promotion – usually comes in the form of chips to use on selected games such as some live dealer titles. This reward is based on the deposit size of the player.
    • Reload bonus – frequently offered to regular players, these promotions are enormous for high rollers. These can include a significant credit amount or many free spins.
    • Cashback – such rewards are extremely popular with gamblers. These are usually cash credits given based on your losses at the casino. Since high rollers deposit a lot – and sometimes lose big sum, the cashback is big, too.
    • Exclusive games and tournaments – VIP players often get access to games that other players cannot join, as well as tournaments specifically created for people with experience and high budgets.
    • Goodwill – these are exactly as the name says – promotions as a result of good will from the casino. Those with a lot of time on a casino site can sometimes ask the VIP manager to give them some perks or bonuses. For example, they might ask for a no deposit bonus when they run out of funds or bigger withdrawal limit when they win a lot.

    VIP Casino Bonuses vs. Standard Promotions

    High Roller Casino BonusesVIP promotions are far better than standard promotions for the obvious reasons. Since these are given to the casino’s best, most frequent players, they are usually much bigger and with better terms. Casinos fight to get the high rollers, so their best offers are included in this program.

    The only bonus that can be similar or sometimes even better than promotions in the VIP program is the welcome bonus. This is what casinos use to attract new players, including high rollers, so it’s naturally one of their biggest promotions.

    Pros and Cons of a High Roller Casino Bonus


    • When you enter a VIP program, you usually get a huge welcome bonus for it
    • Perks and rewards for every VIP tier
    • Better bonus deals – bigger and with lower playthrough requirements
    • Frequent cashback offers at some casinos
    • Higher withdrawals on request
    • Usually come without time limits


    • Not all casinos have rewarding VIP programs or good bonus terms for high rollers
    • You can easily lose your VIP program level if you don’t play often
    • These make it easier to lose track of your budget

    Famous Players at High Roller Casinos

    High rollers have existed since casinos showed up in the world. Some have wagered millions of dollars – and some have one tremendous amount. Here are the top 5 high rollers in the history of casinos:

    • Mo Chan – won $10 million in Australia on high-roller Baccarat game, and wagered even up to $500,000 per hand.
    • Archie Karas – known as the legend of Vegas, he entered the strip with $50 and turned them into over $40 million. He then kept gambling and lost it all, and was even part of ‘’The Run’’, one of the biggest high-roller streaks in history.
    • Adnan Khashoggi – an arms dealer and a very rich man who spent his spare time gambling. He had a wealth of $4 billion dollars and astronomical gambling habits.
    • Kerry Packer – dropped $15 million in a London casino on a single roulette table, lost it and left. He put $120 million on a coin flip, and won $33 million at the MGM in Vegas.
    • Charles Barkley – a famous NBA basketball legend who gambled a fortune. It’s estimate that he lost around $30 in casinos.


    Being a high roller comes with its perks and downsides. To be one, you need to have a big budget to spare and a passion for gambling. If you have these two, you’ll be the favorite player at Canadian casinos. They’ll pamper you with amazing bonuses, special perks, and endless rewards. Still, this depends on where you choose to do your betting.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I claim a casino high roller bonus in Canada?
    Once you find a casino that offers a good high roller bonus, you can claim it in one of two ways – by using a code given to you on behalf of the casino, or automatically when you meet the bonus terms.
    What’s the difference between registration bonuses and high roller promotions at casinos?
    Registration and high roller promotions are usually the biggest you can find at online casinos. Welcome or registration bonuses are given to all players who sign up on the website. High roller promotions are given only to the most frequent players with big deposits.
    Is the high roller bonus the best I can find on Canadian casinos?
    In most cases, yes, but not necessarily. In some cases, the welcome bonuses are bigger than any high roller promotion you can claim. Even so, you can claim them only once, while high roller promotions will keep coming if you keep playing.
    Where can I find the best high roller casinos Canada?
    On this website, you can read about the best-rated casinos with amazing VIP programs and perks for their regulars.
    How do I redeem an exclusive offer at a high roller bonus casino?
    This will depend on where you want to gamble and the type of bonus offered. In most cases, you’ll get these automatically based on the T&C. In other cases, you might get a bonus code to use on behalf of your VIP manager or on email.
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